What to do at 'muha'?


Restore strength and immunity

Sleeping on the beehives is a big adventure and it's very easy going. Don’t worry, bees don’t fly around the room while you sleep. The bees are in several beehives placed under the bed and the only way they come into the apiary is from the outside. Knowing that the bees are buzzing underneath the bed is a thrill. Sleeping in the same room, where bees actively work, restores strength and immunity. Clean and healthy air comes through a fine mesh of bee home.
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A state of self-healing of the body

People come here for many reasons: Simple relaxation and rest; as a remedy for an imbalance, ailment or concern; to share some meditative time; to immerse in the blessings of bees; with friends and fellowship with nature or simple soulful solitude. The bee buzzing induces a mild state of meditative trance and triggers our self-healing frequency. Sleeping on a beehive also increases male potency.


Slovenian - the land of beekeeping

If you are a honey lover, your "axe will (definitely) fall into honey" when you visit Slovenia. This Slovenian proverb, which refers to a sudden, unexpected happiness or success, will surely prove to be true when you get to know the honey experiences of this green country. The Slovenian beekeeping tradition is rich and strongly rooted in people's consciousness. This is the home of the Carniolan honeybee, an autochthonous Slovenian bee, which is considered one of the most widespread honeybees in the world.

Welcome to Slovenia, the only country with the word LOVE in its name! We believe that caring for bees equals caring for humankind.
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The art of honey tasting

A honey tasting is a complete sensory experience. Slovenia is known as a country using a “unique beekeeping method” characterized by wide varieties of honey, like the acacia, lime, chestnut, fir, spruce, floral and forest honey. We will highlight the following aspects of honey in a honey tasting: flavor, aroma, color, texture and purity.

The taste of honey, feeling the healing power of bee products and interesting beekeeping experiences – visit a beekeeping paradise in Slovenia.

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Schoolchildren visit

Let's meet the bees

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A Fusion of Green Destinations, Apiculture & Travel

It is about authentic travel which enriches one’s life and strengthens one’s connection with nature, culture and society. This merger of apiculture and travel opportunities thus becomes api-tourism.
Sleeping with bees


For psychophysical wellbeing

Inhaling the air from beehives has positive effects on psychophysical wellbeing. By inhaling that warm beehive air, the aerosol, through a special breathing mask, we directly input precious natural elements which are organically occurring within the hive (propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and pollen).
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Take a bee massage and you will feel reborn

Honey massage is a luxurious body treatment done with only pure natural honey. It is a very powerful detoxifying treatment that considerably improves blood circulation in deeper layers of the skin. Honey Massage in the apiary is available at additional payment.
Bee massage


Greenery around you

The rich tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia is just one of the things that demonstrates our close connection to nature and care for its conservation.
When staying at 'muha', you will be surrounded by nature. Stop for a moment, breathe in the fresh air and discover the hidden pearls of our country.
The Grosuplje valley belongs to the karst world, as more than 200 caves and abysses have been found here. The cultural and historical heritage of the municipality is rich - over 40 archeological sites have been discovered.
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Painted beehive panels

A unique feature of beekeeping in Slovenia is the colourful panels of the beehives. Typically, they are decorated with paintings depicting scenes and characters from folk tales. This helps bees find their way into beehives and makes it easier for the beekeeper to distinguish between bees colonies.
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